Assurance Services

Grad & Shoemaker provides our clients with a variety of assurance services, including Financial Statement Audits, Reviewed Financial Statements, Compiled Financial Statements and Financial Statements Preparation.  Our CPA’s stay up to date on all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and financial presentation authoritative guidance, so you can be confident your financial statements are in compliance.  Jeff Grad, our assurance team leader and partner, has a deep knowledge of GAAP requirements through his many years of providing Audit, Review and Compilation services to a wide range of industries.  Please see below for a full list of assurance services we provide:

  • Financial Statements Audits, including Consolidated Audits and Component Audits
  • Reviewed Financial Statements
  • Compiled Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Preparation Engagements
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Implementation of ASU 606 Revenue Recognition

Because of our firm’s moderate size coupled with our extensive GAAP knowledge, we are able to offer high quality assurance professionals at competitive prices.  Our goal is to not only to help you with compliance requirements, we strive to bring value to your company and look for areas of improvement.

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